International Love

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Sunflowers in Lopburi. Couldn’t hide my excitement.

My entire life I had been in love with traveling, to me it was my one true love. Travel was always on my mind, I was a sucker for adventures. When I started dating, I admit I sort of had expiration dates on those relationships because I knew I was going to travel during the summer or winter holidays and I just couldn’t have the “stress” of not being 100% with my real boyfriend, Travel! Sorry dudes.

At the age of 24, I finally quit everything and made travel my main objective. My destination,China! After nine months of living in China, I felt that maybe travel wasn’t for me. I was completely destroyed, it was not my best decision. I didn’t think that maybe it was just China that didn’t suit me I just immediately took it as a sign of failure and that I should go home and never leave again. I had actually convinced myself of this foolishness, but you know what they say about the travel bug; once it bites, it never goes away.

IMG_4639A couple of months after being home, I decided that going to teach in Thailand for four months would help me figure out my life. Within two weeks I had packed everything up again, quit another job, and bought my one way ticket.

Let’s just say, Thailand definitely helped me figure out my life. A month into living in a Southeast Asian jungle, I met the most beautiful ginger haired Scottish man who I could not understand a word that he spoke. The second I laid eyes on him I had mentally called dibs haha. We got on immediately so well but took things slow, since in the travel community you meet people and in an instant they are gone. I wasn’t planning on staying or even falling in love at that time in my life but that’s the thing about love.

We’ve learned so much from each other and constantly make each other laugh. Plus we’ve even made living with each other after not knowing each other for very long a success. I couldn’t imagine it any other way and I’m thankful I didn’t let a bad travel experience get me down for too long because I would have never met this beautiful soul.

A year later and now we are living in Taiwan together! Next month we are going to visit his family in Scotland and hopefully my family in November. I finally found my travel partner. We’ve mapped out our next 5 years and it involves so much traveling, learning about other cultures, he’s learning Spanish, I’m still trying to understand him through his accent 100% of the time but most importantly is that we are together. We are conquering the world hand in hand in our own little version of a love story.


So, have any of you fallen in love while traveling? I would love to hear your cute little stories.

P.S. Stay tuned for our Scottish adventures ๐Ÿ™‚





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