Surrounded by Yellow



All my life I’ve dreamt of seeing a beautiful field of sunflowers. Anywhere else I’ve lived, sunflowers seemed to be the rare commodity. When I found out Thailand grew huge amounts of sunflowers, I was ecstatic and could not wait. Sunflower season usually runs from December to February. I would suggest going in December, as by the time I went in the middle of January the flowers seemed to be losing their strength and petals. It was still fantastic nonetheless.

I started the trip in Lopburi, although Saraburi (the most popular) and Phetchabun also have sunflower fields. We took the scooter to north Lopburi late morning and headed north to an area called Khok Samrong, there was little posters every couple of miles to direct us in the right way. It was about an hour drive, so make sure you’ve got a hat and sunscreen for the intense Thai sun. Probably the best part about this field is that it’s not close to a major highway so was crowd free.

It was incredibly beautiful! It’s not just a biased opinion because I love yellow and sunflowers happen to be my favorite, truly it is an amazing sight for everyone. You can spend some time walking around and taking pictures as it’s the perfect backdrop. It’s free to check them out but there are a couple of vendors outside so make sure you buy a little something from them at the end.

It took 25 years but it was so worth it. Also, just a little extra tip. Try to plan some inside activities afterward because that heat is just draining. I hope this helps and  I’d love to hear back if any of you have been to the sunflower fields in Thailand!



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